Carole Itter: 400 Miniature Geese on a Moving Ocean

 I started with a grandiose obsession on how to replicate the moving

of  ocean water as two high incoming tides flooded the inlet each day.

And on its quiet surface were to be hundreds of wild geese.

 My assistant, Pippa Latte and I looked into a multitude of mechanical 

options and with her patience and my persistence, it was decided that

it couldn't be done.

 So instead, this is an artist's imagination of a moving ocean drawn

in layers with pencil crayons. The set of old wooden print drawers

became the place for the layers of ocean water within the drawings.

The hundreds of miniature geese are made from papier mache. The

best mache is from the liquor store brown paper bags which I retrieved

from garbage cans in my area of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

The sheet of steel is brand new.