HERE - Placement/Displacement


HERE – Placement/Displacement

A public artwork collaboration by Jeanette Lee & Esther Rausenberg

"They (City developers) might have, through urban renewal, destroyed the homes that once were there, but they did not destroy the community spirit that continues on today”. HERE will trace some of these lives, including those that are gone. This piece will present a mosaic of imagery of working class people, opposite in spirit to those past monuments that exalt a single individual from history. It will shine a light on the enduring qualities of these groups, reinforcing the truth of the above statement. 

HERE is a word that speaks of the historical location of the community in a way that is very exacting, yet exists without "telling it all"… From a distance, the work will draw viewers in, so that the public will want to investigate the piece. A viewer of the work will need to approach the work in an open and interpretive way, in order to uncover its layered representation. On closer inspection, the viewer will make the connection with the imagery that spans 200 years of history.