The Gathering Mural Suite

The Gathering - Carnegie Centre Oct 26, 2022
Artists - Richard Tetrault, Charlene Johnny and Jerry Whitehead

The Gathering mural project resulted in the completion of seven panels of murals; two diptychs and one triptych. Collectively, they pay tribute to the cultural contributors in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,  a community that is frequently characterized by its tragedies rather than successes.  The murals make steps towards shifting that perception by highlighting the community’s cultural leaders and their strengths, and accomplishments. These works provide a compassionate, ‘time-capsule’ lens on the past and present.

Artistic Direction: Richard Tetrault 

Artists: Charlene Johnny, Marissa Nahanee, Richard Tetrault, Jerry Whitehead

Graphic Design: Marissa Nahanee

Photo Research: Terry Hunter and Savannah Walling

Photo Documentation: E. Rausenberg

Photographer: David Cooper

Photo Archives: Vancouver Moving Theatre/Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival

Project supported by: Vancouver Moving Theatre- Heart of the City Festival and the Canada Council for the Arts